(a) Youth Entrepreneurship Society – A campus group with focus on coaching for entry level of entrepreneurship: Entrepreneur Readiness, Acceleration, Growth and Expansion, to target fresh and want to be entrepreneurs from different faculties of NTU.

(b) Ideas Acceleration Program – A 6-months program developed to help entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas into business venture.

(c) Open Day (OD) – BIC Incubator’s flagship quarterly program featuring the latest updates on BIC Incubator and its incubation programs, entrepreneurs and industry.

(d) BIC Entrepreneurship Academy (BEA) – BIC EA is a facility created for entrepreneurs to learn and equip themselves with entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. Our goal is to democratize entrepreneurship learning and making learning affordable for all entrepreneurs. Now every entrepreneurs can learn!

(e) BIC Workspace for Freelancers – This is very exclusive for fresh and existing entrepreneurs, we offer shared work-space for limited time to individuals, freelancers and teams who are at early stage of their businesses.