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Society of Polymer Engineering has been found in the year 2010. The purpose of the group is to provide a professional and social forum for all students interested in Polymer Engineering. Society of Polymer Engineering has worked to achieve its goals since its conception in 2010. Major functions of the body are;

  • Hosting various events of intellectual, personal and professional growth of students and society members
  • To mark the attendance of students of Polymer Engineering at events such as conferences, competitions in other institutes
  • To organize visits to industries and other institutes
  • Participate in university governance to represent current graduate student views on educational issues
Office Bearers

The following have been serving actively to achieve the goals of the Society of Polymer Engineering;

President:                   Muhammad Yasir

Vice President:          Abdul Rehman Shahid

Managing Persons



Chief Coordinator

Umer Farooq

Finance Manager 

Faisal Hayat

Event Manager

Hamza Khalid

IT Manager

Ahmed Abdullah

Media Manager

Muhammad Salman Saleem

Industrial Affair Manager

Salamat Ali

R & D Manager

Sharjeel Mehmood

Coordinator For R & D Manager 1

Muhammad Sufyan

Coordinator For R & D Manager 2

Hafiz Muhammad Nawaz


Events Under the Banner of SPE 2011

Society of Polymer Engineering successfully organized the following events in the year 2011.

  • Lecture by Mr. IjazMinhas (GM, SCIL) on Role and Behaviour of Engineers in Industry
  • Lecture by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed (Director Business Incubation Cell UAF) on Career Counselling
  • Training Session by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed (Representative CNC Engineering) on Mould and Die Design
  • Lecture by Mr. AbidIqbalKhari (CEO PositivePak Foundation) on Positive Thinking
  • Presentation Competition of Polymer Engineeringstudents
  • Visit toPlas-Print-Pack Expo and Conference in Expo Centre, Lahore
  • Technical presentation on lab equipment design.
  • Oral Presentation competition.
  • Father and daughter Art exhibition.

Events Under the Banner of SPE 2014



Industrial Tours




Recreational Activities

In addition to the industrial tours Society of polymer engineering have also organized some entertaining Events like Movie nights, Tours to Northern Areas And many more Class refreshment events.
Department and society haveorganized following events.

  1. Drama Event by 4th Semester 2012
  2. Recreational Tour to Murree



Trend Setters

Year book 2012

Society of Polymer Engineering will continue to work for growth of students of the university and broaden their vision of the Polymer Industry