Executive Society

Aims & Objectives

The aim is to develop the high-quality business education of NTU and make their Member an active player in the world economy

  • Executive Society is committed to information revolution in every aspect of its activities.
  • Executive Society will continue to strengthen its profile as a high standard Societies.
  • Encouraging member engagement and participation
  • Promoting business networking and relationship building

Mission Statement

Executive Society is an independent, professional society that facilitates Business commerce through education, networking, standards development, and certification.


Executive Society is the global leader in standards development, education, and certification in promoting Business Commerce Education.

Muhammad Farooq Jamal
Faculty of Management Science
Usman Hameed
Executive Society

Name of Activity
Tentative Dates
26th  March , 2017
Advertising and Event Management 1th April ,2017
Entrepneurship Gala 16th  April ,2017
Issues in Customer Relationship Management 19th  April ,2017
Thar Welfare
22nd  April ,2017
Learning Process
28th  April ,2017
Excel Workshop 3rd  May ,2017
Cyber Marketing 10th  May ,2017
Analytical Modeling for Marketing Managers 19th  May ,2017
Job Fair
22nd  May ,2017
Issues in Strategic Management
1st June,2017


Usman Hameed President