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List of Fresh Arrivals
Sr. No. Circnum Author Title
1. P 001 Kaufman, A. A. Acoustic and elastic wave  fields in geophysics, II
2. P 002 Marghany, Maged Advanced geoscience remote sensing
3. P 003 Ouadfeul, Sid Ali Fractal analysis and chaos in geosciences
4. P 004 Nurushev, Sandibek B. Introduction to polarization physics
5. P 005 Hallenburg, James K. Non-hydrocarbon methods of geophysical formation evaluation
6. P 006 Rogers, Karl On the metaphysics of  experimental physics
7. P 007 Karato, Shun- Ichiro Physics and chemistry of the deep earth
8. P 008 Krischer, Katharina Physics of energy conversion
9. P 009 Gubbins, David Time series analysis and inverse
10. P 010 Dummit, david S. Abstract algebra
11. P 011 Goldstein, Herbert Classical mechanics
12. P 012 Muthu,Subramanian Senthilkannan (ed.) Handbook of sustainable apparel production
13. P 013 Fischer, Anette Sewing
14. P 014 Aft, Lawrence S. Work measurement and methods  improvement
15. P 015 Cavaliere,Sara Electrospinning for advanced energy and environmental applications
16. P 016 Chawla, Krishan K. Fibrous materials
17. P 017 Ciocoiu, Mihai Nanostructured polymer blends and composites in textiles
18. P 018 Angelova, Radostina A. Textiles and human  thermophysiological comfort in the indoor environment
19. P 019 Mitchell, (Geoffrey R. ed.) Electrospinning
20. P 020 Cavaliere, Sara Electrospinning for advanced  energy and environmental  applications
21. P 021 Polyanin, Andrei D. Handbook of integral equations
22. P 022 Hillen, T. Partial differential equations
23. P 023 Sundaram, Rangarajan K A first course in optimization theory
24. P 024 Banerjee, Sandip Mathematical modeling
25. P 025 Sauer, Timothy Numerical analysis
26. P 026 Gershenfeld, Neil The nature of mathematical modeling
27. P 027 Stephani, Hans (ed. al.) Exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations
28. P 028 Ammon, Martin Gauge/gravity duality
29. P 029 Wald, Robert M. General relativity
30. P 030 Anile, A M. Relativistic fluids and magneto-fluids
31. P 031 Hawking, S. W. The large scale structure of space-time