Subscribed Journals List

List of Subscribed Journals (Print Only) for the Year of 2016

Sr. No. Title of Journals Frequency
1. AATCC Review 6/yr
2. Apparel 12/yr
3. Clothing & Textile Research Journal 4/yr
 4. Colourage 12/yr
 5. Harvard Business Review 10/yr
6. Indian Journal of Fibres & Textile Research 4/yr
7. Knitting International 12/yr
8. Melliand (English) 4/yr
9. Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 6/yr
10. Pakistan Textile Journal 12/yr
11. Popular Science 12/yr
12. Reader’s Digest 12/yr
13. Textile Research Journal 20/yr
14. Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 4/yr
15. Transactions on Internet Technology 4/yr
16. Smart Textiles & Nanotechnology 12/yr
17. Technical Textiles International 6/yr
18. International Dyer 8/yr
19. IEEE Network 6/yr
20. Textile Outlook International 6/yr
21. Coloration Technology 6/yr
22. Journal of Industrial Textiles 8/yr
23. Journal of Polymer Research 12/yr
24. Journal of Textile Engineering (English) 6/yr

List of Journal Subscribed (Electronic Format) for the Year of 2016

Sr. No. Title of Journals Frequency
1. Textile Progress 4/yr
2. Journal of The Textile Institute 12/yr
3. Textile Outlook International 6/yr
4. Home Textiles Update 12/yr