Textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan economy as it is the most important industrial sector in terms of export and employment. Due to the hazardous effect of synthetic dyes and finishing chemicals, there is a need to use natural and functional colorants for textile application as well as synthesis of functional materials (either dyes and finishing chemicals) which can provide solution to the currently used hazardous stuff.  Another important issue in the wet processing industry is water stress and pollution which is becoming a major challenge in Pakistan due to the discharge of untreated effluent containing mainly dyes and related chemicals. Hence changes in dyeing and finishing processes are required, which will reduce the amount of water and energy used and eliminate or minimize the discharge of highly toxic chemicals.

Keeping in view all these aspects, National Textile University has established a Center for Color Chemistry and Research at national level to serve the textile sector of Pakistan in the best interest of country. The main objectives of this center include

  • Indigenous synthesis of functional dyes and finishing chemicals
  • Development and improvement in the coloration and finishing processes
  • Surface modifications of textiles for sustainable approach
  • Water and energy conservation in wet processing
  • Synthesis of advanced functional materials for value added textile processing products