NTU Product development services

NTU Product development services

Product Development

We believe in constant innovation in product development with sustainable attributes and aspire to be the leading quality solution provider in Textile sector of Pakistan. We anticipate the requirement and specification of our customers in development of versatile novel products.


Fiber Development

Fiber development focuses on the synthesis of versatile polymer-based macro, micro and nanofibers having distinctive features.

  • Wet Spinning
  • Melt Spinning   
  • Electrospinning  




Yarn Manufacturing

Yarn manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced equipment to develop yarn from natural, regenerated and synthetic fiber.

  • Ring spinning
    • Compact
    • Non-Compact
    • Siro
    • Single Core
    • Dual Core
    • Chain Yarn
    • Milang
  • Open End Spinning
    • Carded
    • Sample Spinning
    • Doubling and Twisting
    • Cabling and Piling
    • Classmiate Winding

  • Fabric Development
  • We employ modern technologies and sustainable R & D efforts to develop versatile fabric designs/constructions, focusing on requirements of clients.


  • Plain Fabric                                                 
  • Dobby Design                                                            
  • Jacquard Weaving                    
  • Sample Sizing & Warping


  • Glove Knitting
  • Socks Knitting
  • Single Jersey Knitting
  • Jacquard Flat Knitting
  • Interlock Knitting
  • Rib Knitting
  • Compression Socks Knitting

  • Textile Processing

As a first step towards value addition, Textile Processing is the core to develop value added products. NTU has versatile processing facilities to support development of such textile.

Fabric Dyeing

  • Mini Jet Dyeing
  • Package Dyeing
  • Pad Steam Dyeing
  • Pad Thermol-Sol Dyeing

Fabric Printing

  • Rotary Screen Printing


  • Lab Scale Coating

Plasma Treatment

  • Atmospheric Plasma treatment
  • Vacuum plasma treatment

  • Garment & Apparel development

Garment & Apparel development facility at NTU is making significant contribution in development of premium quality and innovative products in high end garments. This facility is supporting our valued client with its state-of-the-art laboratories.


  • 3D Scanning
  • Pattern Making
  • Marker Making
  • Cutting
  • Stitching
  • Garment Finishing

  • Nonwoven
  • NTU possess state of the art facilities to develop different type of nonwoven meant for the variety of applications such as Healthcare, Filtration, Packing Bags, Geotextile (Reinforcement and ground/soil stabilization) and Home Furnishings Sectors.


    • Needle Punching
    • Thermal Bonding


    CompositeNational Centre for Composite Materials is committed to facilitate in product development of the defense sector and composite industry of Pakistan.

    Reinforcement Fabrication

    • Carbon weaving
    • 3D/ Multilayer weaving

    Composite Fabrication

    • Resin Molding
    • Vacuum Bag Molding
    • Non-Woven Fabrication
    • Injection Molding
    • Hot Compression Pressing
    • CNC Profile Cutting
    • 3D Printing