HEC Approved Supervisors

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Member Research Interests / E-Mail
1. Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain Functional Materials including Nanofibers and Nanoparticles; Comfort & Protective Properties of Textiles; Textile Dyeing, Finishing and Coating; Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour; Medical Textiles rector@ntu.edu.pk  


2. Dr. Yasir Nawab Advanced Materials, Engineered Textile Structures & Composites, Technical Textiles, Textile Machinery and Instrument Design, Textile Modeling and Simulation ynawab@ntu.edu.pk  


3. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Fiber Assemblies, Medical, Protective and Sports Textiles, Machinery Development and Modeling drzulfiqarali70@gmail.com
4. Dr. Rashid Masood Biomaterials for Healthcare, Flame Retardant Materials; Microencapsulation Technology, Surface Modification of Textiles; Plasma Technologies for Textiles; Medical and Healthcare Textiles rashid@ntu.edu.pk
5. Dr. Sheraz Ahmad Textile Fibres, Natural Fibre reinforced composites, Technical Textiles, Textile Machine design and Instrumentation sheraz@ntu.edu.pk
6. Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid Protective Textiles, Comfort Properties of Textiles, Advanced Materials, Textile Structures, Composites & Nano composites, Textile Machinery and Instrument Design. hafsa@ntu.edu.pk
7. Dr. Abher Rasheed Clothing Engineering & E Textiles, Quality abher.rasheed@ntu.edu.pk
8. Dr. Munir Ashraf Nanomaterials, Surface functionalization, Synthesis and Application of Functional Dyes and Finishes munir.ashraf01@gmail.com
9. Dr. Abdul Basit Polymer Fibers, Smart Materials, Advanced Materials and Polymer Composites basit_ntu@yahoo.com
10. Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani Technical and Smart Textiles hamdani.talha@gmail.com
11. Dr. Zubair Khaliq Polymer Physics, Polymer Rheology, Advanced Polymer Materials, Technical Textiles and Fiber Assemblies zubair.khaliq@ntu.edu.pk
12. Dr. Abdul Jabbar Textile/fiber reinforced composites, Bio composites, Nan composites, Surface modification of natural fibers, Textiles/composites for personal protection, Nonwoven textiles, Yarn Engineering, Structure property relationship of spun yarns. abduljabbar@ntu.edu.pk  


13. Dr. Ahsan Nazir Electrospun Materials (Medical Applications, Energy Applications, Filteration, Protective Applications, Antimicrobial, Photo catalysis, Sensors) Clothing Comfort (Thermo physiological comfort, Sensorial comfort, Sensory evaluation). ahsan@ntu.edu.pk
14. Dr. M. Bilal Qadir Nonomaterials, Nano Composites and their application in energy devices like Solar Cells, Batteries, and Super Capacitor. Functional nanomaterials, Functional & Smart Textiles, Technical Textiles, Surface modification of Nanomaterials, Yarn Manufacturing, Functionalized Fibers, Fabric Comfort, Fancy Yarns. bilal.qadir@ntu.edu.pk
15. Dr. M. Ali Afzal Textiles Machinery and Instrument design, Technical Textiles, Engineered Textile Structures & Composites, Advanced Materials, Clothing Engineering, Textile Modeling and Simulation. aliafzal@ntu.edu.pk  


16. Dr. Muhammad Umair Weaving, 3D/multilayer woven structures, Spacer/sandwich structures, 3D composites, Functional Composites, Green composites, Mechanical characterization, Fabric comfort, Statistical analysis mumair@ntu.edu.pk  


17. Dr. Khubab Shaker Weaving, 3D/multilayer woven structures, Functional Composites, Green composites, Mechanical characterisation, Residual stresses, Resin flow, Finite Element Analysis khubab@ntu.edu.pk  


18. Dr. Kashif Iqbal Textile dyeing, Textile finishing, functional textiles, micro/nano-encapsulation, thermoregulating textiles, phase change materials, Finite element analysis, modeling and simulation, Advanced characterization techniques kashif.iqbal@ntu.edu.pk