One Day Training Course on "Innovations in Nanomaterials for Textiles"

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization organized one day training course on “Innovations in Nanomaterials for Textiles” at ORIC seminar room. The training course was attended by industrial representatives from Faisalabad and other cities and University Scholars. The course aimed to train the participants regarding Innovative methods and technology in nanomaterials for benefits of textile industry.

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Jan (Assistant Professor of Applied Sciences) who was the First Resource person of the training session, introduced the participants about nanomaterials and innovative approaches for textiles. He discussed about silver nanomaterials as future colorants, metal-organic frameworks onto surface of fabric-A new approach, Functionalization and coloration of textiles.

The second resource person was Dr. Munir Ashraf (Assistant Professor of Textile Processing). He delivered the session on nanomaterials as potential antimicrobial agents for natural and synthetic textile materials, metal oxide nanomaterials for antimicrobial and improved stain release finishing, and super hydrophobic fabrics.