Research Facilities

Yarn Manufacturing


  • Fiber Opening
  • Fiber Cleaning


Fiber to Fiber Cleaning

Drawing Machine

  • Fiber mixing & blending
  • Imparts draft


  • Short fiber removal

Simplex Machine

  • Drafting
  • Converts sliver to roving

Ring Frame

  • Imparts twist
  • Converts roving to yarn
  • Manufacture fine counts

Rotor Spinning

  • Coarse yarns
  • Shorter process


  • Package formation

Lap Former

  • Lap formation


  • To check quality
  • Measure neps, cuts, hairiness etc.

Direct Simple Spinner

Melt Spinning Machine

  • Polymer formation
    • Melting of chips

Electrospinning Machine

  • Formation of nanofibers

Wet Spinning Machine

  • Fiber formation
    • Through wet extrusion

Fabric Manufacturing (Weaving)

Sizing Machines

  • Size application
    • So that it can withstand high tensions on machine

Sample Weaving Systems


Shuttle Loom

  • Shuttle mechanism

Toyota Air Jet

  • Air is used as picking media
  • 8 Frames

Picanol OMNI Plus

  • Electronic Dobby
  • 16 Frames

Projectile Loom

  • 400 rpm
  • Tappet shedding

Beat Max Loom

  • Flexible rapier

Mechanical Jacquard

  • Single and Double lifting mechanism

Auto Semi Loom

  • Automatic shedding
  • 16 Frames

A1 Single Rapier Loom

  • Rapier picking media
  • Dobby with 16 frames

A2 Terry Towel

  • For towel manufacturing

Narrow Needle Loom

  • For minimum width fabrics Like seat belts

Fabric Manufacturing (Knitting)

Single Jersey

  • Single needles cylinder
    • Formation of single jersey fabric

Double Jersey

    • One cylinder
    • One dial
    • Alternative arrangement of needles
    • Formation of double faced fabric

Double Jersey

    • One cylinder
    • One dial
    • Needles are adjacent to each other
    • Formation of double faced fabric

Flat Bed Knitting

  • Two flat needle Beds
    • Carriage moves on needle beds
    • Formation of collars and Cuffs

Jacquard Single Jersey

  • Single needles cylinder
    • Formation of single jersey fabric

Socks Knitting Machine

  • Socks manufacturing

Gloves Knitting Machine

  • Gloves manufacturing

Braiding Machine & Spool Winder

  • Braid manufacturing

Fabric Manufacturing (Nonwoven)

Nonwoven Line

  • Converts fiber directly into fabric

Textile processing

Jet Machine

  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing

Jigger Machine

  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing

High Pressure Dyeing Machine

  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing


  • Padding
    • Dyeing
    • Finishing

Pad Thermosol Dyeing

  • Fixing of dyes

Pad Steam Dyeing Machine

  • Fixing of dyes

Screen Printing


Curing Machine

  • For fixing of
    • Dyes
    • Chemicals

Stenter Frame

  • Chemical finishing

Plasma Coating Machine

  • For surface modification

Knife Coating Machine

  • Chemical coating using knife and dip coating technique

Garments Manufacturing

Sewing Machines

  • For Garment Stitching

CAD System

  • For design development

Digital Twist Tester

  • Measures TPM (Twist per meter)

Textile Testing

Single Fiber Strength

  • To check strength of single fiber and filament

Uster Testing

  • To check yarn unevenness, and hairiness

Lea Tensile Strength

  • To determine the breaking strength of yarn in skein form

Uster Tensorapid

  • Used for both staple and filament yarns

Digital Twist Tester

  • Used for both staple and filament yarns

Fabric Testing (Mechanical Testing)

Fabric GSM

  • Weight of fabric

Pilling Resistance by Martindale Tester

  • To check strength of single fiber and filament
  • Weight of fabric

Pilling Resistance by Random Tumble Method

  • Resistance of textile to pilling checked by tumbling together for required revolution

Pilling Resistance by ICI Method

  • To determine the fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling

Tearing Strength by Elmendorf Tester

  • To determinate tearing resistance property of woven materials, textile and nonwoven etc.

Crease Recovery of Woven Fabric

  • To measures the recovery angle

Deimentional Stability to Fabric

  • To check the resistance to shrinkage and other�dimensional changes

Tensile Strength

  • Strength of the fabric

Comfort Testing

Thermal Properties of Fabric

  • To check the thermal resistance (Rct)

Air Pereambility Test

  • To check the propensity of textile to air

Fabric Touch Properties

  • To check the hand feel of fabric

Fabric Stiffness

  • To check the stiffness of fabric

MMT (Moisture Management Tester)

  • To check the overall moisture management capability

Drying Rate Tester

  • To measure the quick dry property of a fabric

Water Vapor Pereambility

  • To calculate the water vapor permeability index value of fabric

KAVA BATA Bending Test

  • To check the resistance to bend

KAVA BATA Compression Test

  • Measurement of thickness and compression properties of fabrics

KAVA BATA Thermal Test

  • To check the sensation of coldness/warmth when the skin touches the fabric

Protective Textile Testing

Vertical Flammability Test

  • To check the resistance of textile to flame

Limiting Oxygen Index Test

  • To test the flammability of the sample

Conductivity Tester

  • To check the static charge produced on fabrics

UV/SUN Protection Factor

  • The measurement of the attenuation of a beam of light after it passes through fabric

Hydrostatic Head Tester

  • To check water resistance of fabric

Fabric Drape Tester

  • To measure and calculate the coefficient of drape

Analytical Testing

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

  • For phase identification

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • To check the surface morphology

Automic Absorption

  • To check the elemental concentrations

Particle Size Analysis (ZETA)

  • To check the particle size


  • To check the functional groups

Electro-Kinetic Potential

  • To check the electric charge

UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy

  • To analyze dye concentration in waste water from industries