Success Stories

Products developed by University Faculty and students projects

Sr. no.


PI and Co-PI


1 Low cost non-woven sensors Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani (PI) Dr. Yasir Nawab (Co-PI)


2 Eco friendly energy eficient indigeous sizing machine Dr. Yasir Nawab (PI)
3 Fabric for 8th largest flag of the world PI: Dr. Yasir Nawab; Co-PI: M. Umar and M. Ayoub Asghar

Industrial Projects

4 Dobby Design with color and weave effect PI: Dr. Yasir Nawab; Co-PI: M. Umar and M. Zohaib
5 Dobby Design with color and weave effect PI: Dr. Yasir Nawab; Co-PI: M. Umar and M. Ayoub Asghar
6 Carbon nano-composite based Hockey sticks Dr. Yasir Nawab
7 handloom for carpets manufacturing Dr. Yasir Nawab
8 wearable health monitoring system Mr. Nauman Ali
9 special pressure sensing structure Dr. Abher Rasheed
10 Uniform for FESCO worker Mr. Mirza Mahmood Akhar

Indigenous Faculty Projects

11 Indigenous machine for weaving of high performance fibers Dr. Yasir Nawab (PI)
12 Flood relief jacket Mr. Sadullah Channa

Students projects

13 Impact abression resistance testing machine for motorcyclist garment M. Zohaib
14 Exam Creator System Waqar Ahmad
15 Online file tracking system Waqar Ahmad
16 Fabric processing management system (Module 1) Dr. Asif Habib
17 Fabric processing management system (Module 2) Dr. Asif Habib
18 Online student portal (Project Coliseum) M. Shahid
19 NTU Exam management system M. Shahid
20 Object Recognition system M. Shahid
21 Software house management system Umer Ali Khan
22 Online recruitment system Umer Ali Khan
23 Healthcare monitoring system for wearable sensors Nasir Mahmood
24 Direction Detector Miss Arooba mumtaz
25 Trendy and safe jackets for Bikers Miss Arooba mumtaz
26 fire retardant and stain proof  chef uniform Miss Arooba mumtaz
27 Coffee tables based on infinity and distortion as design elements Miss Arooba mumtaz
28 Aztec pattern inspired scarfs with antilice properties Miss Arooba mumtaz
29 Functional and aesthecally designed dining table linen Miss Arooba mumtaz
30 Digital printed Bedsheet enhanced with patch work Miss Arooba mumtaz
31 Fabrication from cork husk with heat and sweating resistance properties Miss Arooba mumtaz
32 Handmade sheet made by sugarcane cover Miss Arooba mumtaz
33 Hunting jackets using native camoflauge pattern Miss Arooba mumtaz
34 Decorative room separator in mixed media techniques Miss Arooba mumtaz
35 Convertible shoes inspired by Astrolabe Miss Arooba mumtaz
36 Electric shock resistance textile Miss Arooba mumtaz
37 Transposable lamps enhanced by wooden embellishment Miss Arooba mumtaz
38 Multfaced detachable rug for contemporary interiors Miss Arooba mumtaz
39 Multifunctional laptop tables by composite of woven cotton waste Miss Arooba mumtaz
40 Stress relief coushions in 3D embellishment techniques Miss Arooba mumtaz
41 Formal winter shall inspired by greek architectural pillars Miss Arooba mumtaz
42 Innovative embriodory wooden handbags for females Miss Arooba mumtaz
43 Fabricated shoes made by plastic bottle waste Miss Arooba mumtaz
44 Coushions inspired by sea shells and Nauticles Miss Arooba mumtaz
45 Accessories with the inspiration of byzatin manuscript borders Miss Arooba mumtaz
46 Smart space saving otoman seater inspired by postage stamps and currency notes Miss Arooba mumtaz
47 Bed runner for contemporary interiors enhanced with embroidry techniques Miss Arooba mumtaz
48 Hand painted dupattas inspired by nervous system and eye retina Miss Arooba mumtaz
49 Burkinis based on the theme of sea life Miss Arooba mumtaz
50 Contemporary jackets made with the blend of peacock feather cotton and polyester Miss Arooba mumtaz
51 Exterior door enterance for modern cafe Miss Arooba mumtaz
52 Summer quilts in kantha kari inspired by space odyssy Miss Arooba mumtaz
53 multifunctional costume developed by manual painting Miss Zunaira saleem
54 Exaggerated tops by using surface design inspired by shaggy attires Miss Zunaira saleem
55 Fantacy based costumes inspired by steam punk Miss Zunaira saleem
56 Dresses design with junk accessories Miss Zunaira saleem
57 Queen in a regal porch Miss Zunaira saleem
58 Bridal couture: Beguiling baroque Miss Zunaira saleem
59 Dress with mesopotemia art Miss Zunaira saleem
60 Dress for disabeled persons Miss Zunaira saleem
61 multipurpose theater costumes Miss Zunaira saleem
62 Semi formal tops with romanian crochet Miss Zunaira saleem
63 Woman’s party wear Miss Zunaira saleem
64 Hijab glossed by crystals Miss Zunaira saleem
65 Embrioded clothes with otman turkish motifs Miss Zunaira saleem