Character Building Society


In multiple reports published by the World Bank, the Pakistani bureaucracy was being rife with corruption, inefficient and bloated in size with an absence of accountability and resistant to change. That’s why National Accountability Bureau (NAB) created Societies by the name of Character Building Society (CBS) at various institutes of Pakistan. It’s aim at to provide an institutional mechanism that can spearhead the fight against corruption.

Here at National Textile University (NTU), CBS is among the pool of other societies, and working actively on spreading awareness to stop corruption, cheating, plagiarism and favoritism.

Our Mission

CBS in synergy with NAB is to be a credible, effective, efficient, dynamic and efficacious financial anti-corruption forum meant for enabling of an environment for a corruption free Pakistan.

Our Mandate

The Character Building Societies organized by NAB derive their legal mandate from the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) – 1999 which is applicable to all the persons in Pakistan residing anywhere. The CBS framework has been formulated considering following legal provisions:

  • Section – 9 of the NAO 1999 defines corruption and corrupt practices in a comprehensive manner.
  • Section – 33 of NAO 1999 empowers NAB to undertake prevention and awareness campaign against corruption besides investigations and enforcement of law.

Our Objectives

The Character-Building Society, National Textile University, has determined to provide a platform for Islamic & Character-building activities so that the students can build their character. Our main objective is to collectively raise image of the Character-Building Society NTU in front of students and encourage them to build their character according to Islam. Our main aim is to provide such activities to the students of NTU with which they can polish their character. Our main objective is to polish the character of students by conducting seminars, awareness walks & workshops.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Convener
Hamza Anwaar

Contact No: +92-308-8096264


Muhammad Farooq Jamal

Contact no# +92336505604


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