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  • MS Advance Materials Engineering
    National Textile University, Pakistan 
  • BSc. in Weaving and Knitting
    National Textile University, Pakistan  (2007-2011)

Development of knitted fabric

Knitted  and hybrid composites 

Knitted structure



  • Printing and its compliance requirement
    National Textile University (2014/one day)

  • Lecturer
    National Textile University  (Since 2013)


    Research and Development

  • Sr.officer
    Masood Textile Mills Faisalabd ( 2012-2013)

    Research and Development




Waqas Ashraf*, Yasir Nawab, Muhammad Maqsood, Haritham Khan, Habib Awais, Shahbaz Ahmad, Munir Ashraf1, and Sheraz Ahmad2, "Development of Seersucker Knitted Fabric for Better Comfort Properties and Aesthetic Appearance", Fibers and Polymers , Vol. 16, No. 3, (2017), pp.3


Waqas Ashraf, Yasir Nawab, Muhammad Umair, Khubab Shaker & Mehmet Karahan, "Investigation of mechanical behavior of woven/ knitted hybrid composites", The Journal of The Textile Institute, Vol. , No. , (2016), pp.


Muhammad Maqsood, Yasir Nawab, Syed Talha Ali Hamdani, Khubab Shaker, Muhammad Umair & Waqas Ashraf, "Modeling the effect of weave structure and fabric thread density on the barrier effectiveness of woven surgical gowns", The Journal of The Textile Institute, Vol. , No. , (2015), pp.


Waqas Ashraf, yasir Nawab, Muhammad Umair, "Investigation of Hybrid Composites", IBCAST, Venue: Islamabad, (2016)


Haritham Khan , Waqas Ashraf, "Development of knitted seer sucker fabric", Covitex , Venue: NTU , Faisalabad, (2015)

Book Title Subject Published Year Publisher
Textile Engineering An Introduction Introduction to Textiles 2016 DE GRUYTER
1 Bachelor Development of seer sucker knitted fabric.
2 Bachelor Analyse the functional characteristics of woven/knitted hybrid composites
3 Bachelor Compare the functional properties of different single knit structure composites
Registered Engineer

Pakistan Engineering Council