Society of Textile Designers

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide opportunities for specialized learning, covering the whole spectrum of happenings in textile industry, and develop “versatile” graduates with vision, a sense of social responsibility and innovative rational ability.
  • To support and collaborate with textile and design industry to achieve a sustainable progress. 
  • To apply professional knowledge for the benefits of society.
  • To stimulate students interest in healthy and positive activities.
  • To improve communication skills of learners. 
  • To encourage healthy competition among students.

Office Bearers

Adeel Rehman President
Hamza Israr
Ahsan - ul –haq Bandesha
Mirza Zeeshan
Chief Coordinated
Sharukh khan & Anum Nasir
Media Head

Upcoming Events

  • Alumni Dinner
  • Calligraphic Workshop
  • Mega event of Semester Exhibition
  • Painting Competition (National Level)
  • Study Tour of 1st Semester
  • Motivational Debate Session
  • Study Tour of 2nd Semester
  • Art and design Workshop
  • Fare well to final year

Contact Us

Adeel Rehman (0301-6020920) President
Hamza Israr 0331-0065206