Society of Textile Weavers

  • To educate, aware and train students of Fabric Manufacturing to become a leader, and to take care in their career planning.
  • Encourage members to contribute and participate in all activities such as research, product development and event management.
  • Enchane leadership and decision making qualities among students along with practical knowledge of technology by conducting different activities, seminars and industrial tours.




STW Office
Name of Activity
Tentative Dates
Seminar on Scope of Weaving and International Oppertunities for Textile Engineers
Nov 10, 2016
Seminar on Entrepreneurship for Textile Engineers
Nov 30, 2016
Product Development Competition
Dec 21, 2016
Seminar on Recovery of Size Material
March 9,2017
Seminar on Energy Audit of Weaving Mill March 21, 2017
Fahad Shafique
Sajawal Anwar
Vice President
Nabeel Ahmad
General Secretary