The smart textile research group (STRG) incepted in 2013 with a vision to achievement in smart textile with innovative development of technology in the region. STRG works for innovative research, product development, skills development, technology nourishment and for economic improvement of community. Smart textiles is a canvas that brings textile engineers, fashion designers and technicians together to emerge a melded knowledge.

The core focus is to clout smart materials and engineered techniques to impart new features in textile by modifications of integrated electronic, electrochemical, electromagnetical, optical and smart materials. STRG enterprises wearable smart textile that provide best techniques for integration of sensors, energy harvesting, energy storage, and communication systems. The fields of smart textile and fashion, electronics, knitting, weaving and smart finishing are covered for the growth of industrial projects. Companies will be able to use this platform as a network to develop new products and support the creation of new smart textile products.