FEM Simulation

Happening at TCMRG

Workshop on “Advance Testing Techniques”

A workshop on “Advance Testing Techniques” for Polymers and Technical Textiles was organised at NTU in collaboration with Zwick... read more

Article Published: Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Woven/Knitted Hybrid Composites

Article published by Dr. Yasir Nawab, Mr. Waqas Ashraf, Mr. Muhammad Umair and Mr. Khubab Shaker read more

Article Published: The development of novel auxetic woven structure for impact applications

Article published by Dr. Yasir Nawab in Journal of Textile Institute. read more

PhD Scholarship

  For an HEC funded project (NRPU 4239) namely: “Development, characterization and modeling of low cost sustainable hybrid composite parts... read more

Article Published: Static and dynamic mechanical properties of cotton/epoxy green composites

Article published by Dr. Yasir Nawab and Mr. Khubab Shaker in Journal of Fibers & Textiles in Eastern Europe. read more

Article Published: Characterisation and modelling of thermal expansion coefficient of woven carbon/epoxy composite and its application to the determination of spring-in

Article published by Dr. Yasir Nawab, Camille Sonnenfeld, Abdelghani Saouab, Romain Agogue and Pierre Beauchene in Journal of Composite... read more