Incubation Process

incubation process

Incubation Process

Preliminary Assessment

The selection of entrepreneurs and their ideas is done by a committee, comprising
individuals from university and industry. Key factors for selecting the startup ideas
  Technical Details
  Team
  Entrepreneurship Potential
  Business Model
  Return On Investment (ROI)

Application Process

Pre-selection at NTU-BIC involves rigorous scrutiny of the proposals submitted to the
selection committee. This procedure helps to choose promising business ideas that
will go through the phases like submission of application, evaluation, presentation
of the business plan, verification and final decision-making process by the

  Submission
  Evaluation
  Presentation
  Verification
  Selection

Post Selection Process

NTU-BIC is committed towards its goals and will continue to provide training for
technical and structured mentorship at the incubation center for business
innovation and entrepreneurship. Post selection procedure involves an agreement
with the incubatee(s). Further a complete business plan is drafted which involves
both short and long-term objectives and lastly, venture gets started up.

  Admission
  Review
  Tenure
  Graduation