Department of Design

Department of Design

The four years degree program in Textile & Apparel Design is based on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach that investigates the conceptual and theoretical foundations of design process and methodology. The proposed course emphasizes on a research based approach to Textile and Apparel Design. Methods of instruction include lectures, seminars with extensive studio work and emphasize on team work in design projects. Education at the University provides the students a skill that will prepare them to follow successfully their future career paths. Due to a very adoptable curriculum of Textile and Apparel Design the students could pursue to a wide range of careers, few examples of these are, Textile Stylist, CAD/CAM designer, technical designer, freelance artist, textile artist, graphic artist, product development designer, fabric development specialist, apparel designer and above all some textile and apparel designers can go on to set up their own design business.

The four years degree programs in Fashion Design are based on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach that investigates the conceptual and theoretical foundation of design process and methodology. The proposed courses emphasizes on a research based approach to Fashion Design. Methods of instruction include lectures, seminars with extensive studio work and emphasize on team work in design projects. Education at the university provides the students a skill that will prepare them to follow successfully their future career paths.

Department of Management Design offers following degree programs.

  1. Bachelor of Textile Design
  2. Bachelor of Fashion Design
  3. Bachelor of Visual Arts


Fashion Design programs are run out of many dedicated studio spaces, as well as specialized work areas for various assignments & projects. Department has a variety of facilities that are unique to campus, such as sewing and weaving lab, 3D art workshop, Drawing Studio, Draping Lab & several design studios, Equipped with cutting tables, industrial sewing machines, Mannequins, Handlooms, Digital SLR Camera & other necessary equipment. Students can also access computer facilities located adjacent to the main studios to develop contextual digital and photographic work for their projects. For Advance Technological development in design DFD is facilitated with latest labs & Equipments of Textile Engineering Department which is exclusive in Design education in this region.

Semester Exhibition

Semester Exhibition, Fall 2014-2015

 The Semester Exhibition, organized by the Department of Textile design (DTD) on 27th March 2015. This exhibition is associated with student’s work related to design and fashion. It is a department event, held at National Textile University Faisalabad. Exhibitions are an important aspect of design Studies. It helps to accelerate creative abilities of the students of Design. Department of Textile Design arranged a display of Garment collection, created by the students of Textile Design and Fashion Design. Exhibition was segregated into different categorizes. Following is the description of each category presented in the event This Display was done in form of ramp walk with in the boundary wall of Department.

  1. Decade Collection
  2. Mime
  3. Avant-a-Garde
  4. Head to Toe



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Lab Facilities

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