Evaluation Portal (Help)
The procedure of course and teacher’s evaluation by the students is now upgraded. IT Department of National Textile University has developed an expert system for the course and teacher’s evaluation. Now every student is capable to perform the evaluation task from anywhere using internet. The following screenshots are added here to provide help regarding usage of portal.

  1. URL

    Enter URL (ntu.edu.pk/evaluation) in the browser as mentioned in the figure.
  2. Login

    The follwoing login screen will appear in the center of web page. Then please enter your Registration No. and Password to login at student evaluation portal as mentioned in the figure.

  3. Dashboard

    When you loged-in into the system the follwoing dashboard will display in front of you which contains the loged-in student's detail like Name, Registration No., Email, Degree, Semester and Section. It will also contains the student's current course and teacher's list. Here you can start Teacher or Course evaluation by choosing any option available at the screen.

  4. Teacher's Evaluation

    When student click at teacher's evaluation link it shows the list of teachers automatically whome he has to evaluate as shown in the below figure. The student will choose all teachers one by one and perform the evaluation. When he choose a teacher for evaluation a questions survery will appear in front of him as shown in the second figure below. The questions will appear in four steps category wise. The student have to answer the all questions for final submission. The same procedure will be followed for all teachers. The sudent can go next and back before the final submission.

  5. Course Evaluation

    Same like teacher's evaluation, the list of student's current courses will be displayed at the screen when he goes into course evaluation link as shown in the below figure. The course evaluation questions are divided into 6 steps as shown below in the second figure, the student will answer the all questions and then perform the final submission. So, he will repeat the same process for all courses.

  6. Change Password

    The portal has the facility of change password for every studnet. Here you can see at the right top corner of below figure that it has the option of change password. The student can go into the link and can change his password easily.