Scope of Conference

Textile Industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. In order to strengthen the backbone, it is necessary to develop strong collaboration among researchers, industrialists and policy makers. Conventional textiles is transforming fast into technical textiles and advancements in textile engineering are expanding enormously due to technological importance. An international conference on Technical Textiles is being organized to discuss and share modern cutting-edge techniques and state of the art technologies in textile engineering. The conference will focus on the interchange of research ideas and results through keynotes, oral presentation, poster sessions and panel discussion.


The objective of conference is to facilitate interaction between researchers and professionals working in the field of textile engineering. The conference will provide an international forum for professionals from academia, industry and governing bodies to discuss their problems and share achievements in order to develop the nations through recent manufacturing techniques and technologies.

Research Areas

The main theme of conference is Sustainable Production of Technical Textiles with special emphasis on following key areas

  • Functional Textiles
  • Protective Textiles
  • Sports Textiles
  • Smart and Intelligent Textiles
  • Medical Textiles
  • Geosynthetics
  • Nano-membranes
  • Textile Composites
  • Sustainable Textiles
  • Military Textiles
  • Denim