Department of Knitting

Department of Knitting

The School of Science (SOS) offers supportive education to the core departments of the university at graduate and undergraduate level with the aim to provide a strong background in the areas of Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics.

Faculty members of the School of Science are highly qualified who have received their degrees from renowned universities of the world, aiming to develop students into researchers, engineers, innovators as well as highly specialized professionals with broad vision and excellent skills.

SOS has state of the art research labs with excellent facilities for research activities of the graduate and undergraduate students. SOS faculty members are actively engaged in various research projects within the institute and in collaboration with other institutes and industry.

The School of Science has two academic departments:

  • Department of Applied Sciences
  • Department of Computer Science

Following degree programs are offered at SOS:

  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Computer Science
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MS Physics
  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Textile Chemistry
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Software Engineering

Welcome to the School of Science (SOS) at National Textile University, Faisalabad. It comprises of two departments: Department of Applied Sciences (DAS) and the Department of Computer Science (DCS). We play a pivotal role within NTU.

SOS has much strength in its excellent faculty, their research and teaching programs. The SOS, through its departments offers a curriculum for success that includes various graduate and undergraduate degree programs in computer science, physical and applied sciences. Through these programs, we are committed to produce highly qualified and top ranked professionals working successfully in national and international market.

Our mission and core values that guide our teaching, research; and public services are inspiring and challenging. The work that we do makes a difference in a rapid changing technological environment.

We promote teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving skills and effective communication in students. We also give importance to the spirit of inquiry, creativity, a sense of service and desire for long life learning.

Our faculty possesses solid academic performance and sophisticated practical insights having close ties with not only academic circle but also with the industry as well by focusing on research and providing technological solutions.

Our website provides information about academic programs and faculty. For a more personal touch, we invite you to visit the campus to meet faculty and students. Do also visit the website regularly for updates about developments and events.

List of Final Year Projects - Year 2018 (Batch-2014)

Sr. No. Project Title
1 To investigate Pilling in wool polypropylene socks
2 Development of Pique fleece fabric and optimizing shrinkage in it
3 Development of fire retardent knitted fabric structures
4 Development of summer functional gloves for motorcyclist
5 Study knitability of speciality yarns (injection, slub & lurix yarns)
6 Impact of antimicrobial fiber percentage on antimicrobial activity of knitted fabrics
7 Study consumption of knitting oil (yarn, fabric) on single jersey machine and reuse it
8 Development of spacer shoe sloe(inner) for general use

List of Final Year Projects - Year 2017 (Batch-2013)

Sr. No. Project Title
1 Modification of Knitting Machine to Produce Reversed Sock Ready for Toe Closing
2 Analysis of Stretch and Recovery of Socks
3 Cost Estimation from Yarn to Knitted Garments in Local SME's and Comparison with Large Industries
4 Investigation Abrasion Effect on Polyester Yarn due to Elevated Temperature during Knitting
5 Development of Winter Functional Gloves for Motor-Cyclists
6 Development of Hybrid Composite for Advanced Applications
7 Study the Factors Affecting Pilling in Spun Polyester Socks
8 Reduction of Fluff on Socks Knitting Machine

List of Final Year Projects - Year 2016 (Batch-2012)

Sr. No. Project Title
1 Investigation of Comfort Behavior of Interlock Fabrics with Trans Dry Effect
2 Development of Co-Weave Knit Hand Flat Knitting Machine
3 Development of Seer Sucker Interlock Fabric for Better Thermal Insulation
4 Development of Weft Knitted Heating Pads
5 Investigation of Thermal Insulation of Knitted Fleece Fabric
6 Study the Effect of Inlay Yarn in Weft Knitted Structure for Better Stability and Mechanical Properties
7 Investigate the Effect of Material on the Comfort, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rib and Interlock Structures
8 Development of Knitted Auxetic Fabric
9 To Study the Comfort Properties of Knitted Gloves
10 Woven and Knitted Denim and Global Maeket Analysis of Denim

List of Final Year Projects - Year 2015 (Batch-2011)

Sr. No. Project Title
1 Feasibility of a Small Sock Knitting Industry
2 Investigation of the Comfort Properties Knitted Denim
3 Characterization of Thermal and UV Properties of Interlock Fabric
4 Investigation of the Comfort Properties Ofseer Sucker Fabric
5 Effect of Different Materials on Shrinkage Behaviour of Plain Crew Socks
6 Development of Cost Effective Cut Resistant Gloves
7 To Investigate the Mechanical Properties of the Weft Knitted Fabrics

List of Final Year Projects - Year 2014 (Batch-2010)

Sr. No. Project Title
1 Modeling of Knitted Collars and Cuffs Size (Hight and Width)
2 Production of Seer Sucker Fabric on Single Knit Machine by Using Cotton Covered Elastane Yarn
3 Analyze the Functional Characteristics of Woven / Knitted Hybrid Composite
4 Study of Shrinkage Behavior of Sandwich Half Terry Socks with Different Materials on Same Resource Group
5 Compare the Mechanical Properties of Different Derivatives of Single Knit Composites
6 Effect of Different Count and Stitch Length on Single Lacoste Pique Fabric
7 Effect of Different Material on Wicking Property of the Plated Fabric
8 To Check the Effect of Spirality by Using Different Construction (Design) and Stitch Lengths with Same Count

Funded Projects

Sr. No. Project Title
1 Development of thermally insulated wall materials with sustainable fiber as reinforcing element in concrete (2017-2018)./funded
2 Medical socks for diabetic patients./ funded
3 Characteristics of woven basalt and hybrid structures as composite reinforcement/ funded

In Process

Sr. No. Project Title
1 To improve functional properties of PAF combat uniform
2 Modification on braided knitting machine to produce unique braided structures.
3 Development and fabrication of temperature sensing smart knitted fabric
4 Investigation of stretch and recovery properties of medical compression stockings
5 Development of different knitted structures for the improvement in abrasion and cut resistant properties of knitted gloves
6 Improvement of knitting and hand feel of socks knitted from Lurix/metallic yarn
7 Development of mechanical Tension device on Circular machine to control design variation in accidental fabrics
8 Development of light weight composites by using natural fibers
9 How to Control the Pilling Problem in the Knitted Fabrics of Blended Yarns
10 Investigation of mechanical properties of knitted thermoplastic UD composites
11 Investigation of change in S.L and tension of inlay yarn on pressure change and size of stocking
12 Development of solar power intgrated smart thermoregulating vest
13 Design of waffle knitted fabric with controlled shrinkage property
14 Development of spacer fabric
15 Development of co-weave knit fabric
16 Investigation of Antistatic & Comfort Properties of Conductive Knitted Fabric for Clothing (2017-2018)

Compression Knitting Machine
  • Compression Knitting Machine
Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Shima Seiki/ SES 182FF)
  • Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Shima Seiki/ SES 182FF)
Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Shima Seiki/ SVR 123SP)
  • Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Shima Seiki/ SVR 123SP)
Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Stoll/ CMS 530 HP TT med)
  • Flat Knitting Computerized Jacquard machine(Stoll/ CMS 530 HP TT med)
Gloves Knitting
  • Gloves Knitting
Hand Flat Knitting Machine
  • Hand Flat Knitting Machine
Inter Lock Knitting Machine
  • Inter Lock Knitting Machine
Mini Jacquard Single Jersey
  • Mini Jacquard Single Jersey
Rib Knitting Machine
  • Rib Knitting Machine
Single Jersey Knitting Machine
  • Single Jersey Knitting Machine
Socks knitting double cylinder
  • Socks knitting double cylinder
Socks knitting machine
  • Socks knitting machine
Socks knitting single cylinder
  • Socks knitting single cylinder
Socks Toe Closing machine
  • Socks Toe Closing machine
Terry Gloves Knitting
  • Terry Gloves Knitting
Warp Kniting machine
  • Warp Kniting machine

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