The National Textile University, subject to the rules & regulations of government and other sponsors as well as any exceptions contained in this policy, owns all intellectual property arising from all activities leading to an IP. Creators of intellectual property have an obligation to disclose intellectual property arising from activities carried out at NTU in the manner prescribed within this policy.

In consideration of employment or by otherwise engagement with the University as described in this IP Policy, PI/Originator/Inventor will automatically assign all intellectual property rights, arising from an activity carried out using NTU’s resources, to NTU and will agree to assist the University in legally protecting that IP. NTU owns or retains an interest in, as applicable, any portions, modifications, extensions, derivations, improvements, or translations of intellectual property as it would be in the original work. NTU and the PI/Originator/Inventor share in any royalty income resulting from the intellectual property as described in this policy.