Media Club


Founded in 2017, NTU Media Club has grown from a social, cultural and videography service to an all-round student experience. NMC, being one of the most active club in NTU, provide students an opportunity to step out of the academic sphere and join the rush of the real world.

It empowers students to take decisions into their own hands and through that power, NMC has become a platform for hosting competitions, interactive discourses and festivals. The NMC PhotoWalk, NTU Got Talent and NMC’s website Movienight are only a few of the achievements that the club has to its name. Like Batch Photo. NTU Media Club has students’ best interests at heart and organises events and workshops that are crucial for a wholesome education, outside the bounds of instructional theory.

NMC makes sure you know every detail about NTU’s happenings and works tirelessly so that every event at NTU is just as memorable as the day it happened. With NTU Media Club, you can keep a part of NTU with you, long after school’s over.

Purpose of the Media Club

  • NTU Media Club is an approved club by the university and part of its duties is to cover all types of on campus and outside activities and events.
  • NTU  Media Club promotes the University’s image locally and nationally via different use of media channels. Students are the main body of the club and they contribute stories, photos, videos and articles about National Textile University, Fsd which cover; events, celebrations, and different activities. NTU Media Club provide students with the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talent through media, technology and communication.
  • NTU Media Club will be led by individuals who represent students in general from all NTU Socities and will perform their duties with spirit of responsibility and great leadership skills to accomplish approved tasks and activities. NTU Media Club will combine several skills and ideas to end up with a creative product. Any student who is creative and willing to learn is welcomed to join and become a member of this ever growing group. Media Club is the place for creativity and “Sky is the limit”.

Media Club Goals

  • Promote the image of National Textile University Fsd.
  • Develop students talents in all related media tools and channels of distribution.
  • Develop students appreciation for campus experience and gained knowledge technology and communication.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Muhammad Khizar Iftikhar Fatima-tu-Zahra Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Ur Rehman


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