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Mr Ateeq ur Rehman is a registered textile engineer who has several years of industrial experience. Most of his professional work is with reputable textile and apparel manufacturing groups of Pakistan. He is experienced as well as proficient in manufacturing operations and have performed at various managerial positions. Since 2014 he is teaching at National Textile University. His research interests are in Operations Managment, Supply Chain and Industrial Engineering and Clothing Comfort. He is also consultat, to textile and apparel manufacturing organizations, on cost reduction and productvity enhancement.

  1. BSc. Textile Engineering
    National Textile University, Pakistan , Pakistan  (2006)

Operations Management

Product Development

Industrial Engineering

  1. Lecturer
    National Textile University (2014 - continue)

    Teaching following subjects

    -Operations Management

    -Industrial Engineering

    -Apparel Merchandising

    -Industrial Cutting and Sewing of Textille Materials

    -Operations Management 

    -Industrial Engineering 

    -Apparel Merchandising 

    -Industrial Cutting and Sewing of Textile Materials 

  2. Manager IE and PPC
    Leathertex (6 months)

    Establishment of Industrial Engineering Department for

    -Implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques

    -Improvement of floor layouts

    -Development of operational SAMs

    -Development of style bulletins


    -Line balancing

    -Cost measurement & reduction

    -Incentive plans

    -Implimentation of pull system

    -Employee training

    Establishment of Production Planning and Control for

    -Capacity calculation and allocation

    -SAM based production planning

    -Effective process control

    -Raw materil follow ups

  3. Manager Industrial Engineering (IE)
    Musterhaft Pvt. Ltd. (1 year)

    Leading and motivating IE team for

    -Cost reduction

    -Efficiency enhancement

    -Higher utilization of resources

    -Introduction of Lean Manufacturing


  4. Deputy Manager Production Plannaing and Contorl (PPC)
    Chenab Limited (2 years)

    Key responsibilities included

    -Capacity planning

    -Calculation of process times and shipment dates

    -Analysis of process reports to control expected delays in shipments

    -Interaction with varios departments to ensure smooth order completion

  5. Assistant Manager Production Planning and Control (PPC)
    US Apparels (1 year)

  6. Assistant Manager Production Planning and Control (PPC)
    Nishat Chunian Ltd (2 years)



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Ateeq ur Rehman, A. Rasheed, M. Babar Ramzan, M. Salman Naeem, "Fabric Hand Vs Sensory Comfort; A Comparative Study of Knitted Clothes", 3rd Indonesian Textile Conference, Venue: Bandung, Indonesia, (2020)



M. Babar Ramzan, Abher Rasheed, Ateeq ur Rehman, M. Salman Naeem, "Implementation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Garment Manufacturing Industry", International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Venue: Pilsen, Czech Republic, (2019)



Ateeq ur Rehman, Abher Rasheed, Tanveer Hussain, Munir Ashraf, Sheraz Ahmad, Babar Ramzan, Nauman Ali, "Effect of Different Processing Technique and Softener Treatments on the Surface Friction of Cotton Fabric", Fiber Society 2018 Spring Conference , Venue: Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo, Japan, (2018)

Book Title Subject Published Year Publisher
Advanced Textile Testing Techniques Textile Testing 2017 CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group


1 Bachelor Application of Critical Path Method in garment manufacturing
2 Bachelor Development of material to control puckering
3 Bachelor Study of the effect of seam thickness and stitch density on the seam performance of protective apparels


4 Bachelor Development of Economic Production Quantity model for apparel manufacturing


5 Bachelor Development of IE smart system for Apparel Manufacturers
6 Bachelor Evaluation of factors effecting elastic recovery of boxer shorts


7 Bachelor Cost reduction in apparel industry
8 Bachelor Line balancing in apparel manufacturing through method study