Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani

Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani

Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani

Associate Professor

  •  Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610, Pakistan
  •  Phone: +92-41-9230081-82 Ext: 295
  •  Mobile: 0333-6650735
  •  Fax: +92-41-9230098
  •  Email: hamdani.talha@ntu.edu.pk / hamdani.talha@gmail.com
  • No. of Journal Publications: 24
  • No. of Conference Papers: 6


Dr. Talha Hamdani received his degree of Doctorate of Philosophy at the age of 27 from The University of Manchester, UK. Currently, He is working as Associate Professor (tenured) at National Textile University, Faisalabad. He has an excellent research potential and an ability to actively contribute to the research projects goals as well as has a proven publication track record. He has an ability to interact with all researchers in a constructive, creative and professional manner during conversation, conferences and seminars. He possesses sound knowledge and experience in textile product development and management. He has a major contribution in the field of smart textiles. Recently, He won the HEC start-up grant for the development of non-woven sensor. He has been serving as an editorial member of EJMT.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Science and Technology
    School of Materials, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom  (2011-2014)

Smart Materials; Functional Textiles; Intelligent systems; Woven Structures

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistant Training certificate
    The University of Manchester, UK (2012)

  2. PEEF Scholarship Holders Workshop - 2011
    Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (2011)

  3. Certificate of Merit
    Regional Boy Scout Association, Multan (2002)

  4. Certificate of Appreciation
    Pakistan Lovers Open Scout Group, Khangarh (2003)

  5. Merit Certificate
    Pakistan Youth League  (2003)

  6. Quaid-i-Azam Scout Certificate
    Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, Punjab Branch (2003)

  7. Certificate of Merit
    Government Pilot Secondary School, Multan (2001)

  8. Certificate of Traffic Cadet Course
    Superintendent Traffic Police, Multan (2003)

  9. Certificate of Honor
    Nawa-e-Waqt, Multan (2002)

  10. Invitational Training Program on Capacity Building for Administrators
    Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2013)

  11. 1st Position Over All Punjab In Speech Competition Of Punjab Boy Scout Association
    Punjab Boy Scout Association (2003)

  1. Associate Professor
    National Textile University, Faisalabad (Since May, 2021)

  2. Assistant Professor
    National Textile University, Faisalabad (2015 - 2021)

    Teaching and Research

    Undergraduate subject(s): Introduction to Textile Engineering; Weaving mechanism, High Performance Fibres

    Postgraduate Subject: Smart Materials

    Member Board of Advance Studies and Research

    Chief Organizer National Conference on Technical Textiles

  3. Team Leader (Sales Consultant)
    Next Group PLC, UK (2012 - 2015)

    Providing Customer Service

    To work as part of the sales team in order to provide excellent customer service through; Providing and continuously developing their product knowledge, Understanding and demonstrating customer care and high levels of customer service both on the sales floor and till points, Replenishing stock and maintaining high standards of merchandising and housekeeping, Displaying good listening skills, and identifying customer needs and responding to them quickly.

    Working as Part of a Team

    To work as part of the sales team through; Supporting and helping colleagues with their work and getting involved in day-to-day activities as and when required, Showing a genuine interest in other people and willingness to help, Using initiative at all times, and Showing flexibility & willingness to meet store needs during the period of employment regarding hours, work and duties.


    To communicate effectively with line management on a daily basis to ensure; Adherence to all Company policies and procedures e.g. timekeeping, absence reporting procedures etc., Maintaining and demonstrating security and Health and Safety awareness - ensure that standards are adhered to at all times and Actively supporting and communicating with colleagues, customers and managers.

  4. Graduate Research Assistant
    University of Manchester, UK (2012 - 2014)

    Project HARKEN (Heart and respiration in-car embedded nonintrusive sensors)

    Characterisation, development, improvement and final testing of textile based cardio-respiration solution 

  5. Quality Assurance Officer
    Mahmood Group of Industries (2009 - 2011)

    • Analysed testing requirements of all the products on machines.

    • Proposed and implemented methods and equipment that would detect defects introduced during the production process.

    • Provided expert resolution of the most troublesome of weaving process issues.

    • Designed and implemented production plans with minimum down time for quick production.

    • Control and maintenance of the laboratory and shed. 

    • Accountable for the distribution, calibration and repair of test equipment and laboratory facility.



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Book Title Subject Published Year Publisher
Structural Textile Design: Interlacing and Interlooping Fabric Manufacturing 2017 CRC Press
Book Chapter - Computer Applications in Textiles Textile Engineering An introduction 2016 Walter de Gruyter GmbH - Berlin, Boston


1 MS/MPhil Energy harvesting from Human body motion using piezo-electric yarn


2 MS/MPhil Development of smart socks for the measurement of burnt calories


3 MS/MPhil Development of low cost piezo resistive fabric for sensing applications
Development Of Smart Socks For Measuring Number Of Calories Burnt

Awarding Body: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Awarding Year: 2020
Amount: 14

Development of smart fabrics for renewable energy from human body movements

Awarding Body: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Awarding Year: 2017
Amount: 1

1st National Conference on Technical Textiles (26-27 Sept. 2016)

Awarding Body: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Awarding Year: 2016
Amount: 1

Development of low cost piezo-resistive nonwoven fabric for sensing applications

Awarding Body: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Awarding Year: 2015
Amount: 1

PEEF Foreign Scholarship - 2011
Punjab Educational Endowment Fund  (2011)
Travel Grant - 1st NED Int. Textile Conf.
Manchester Doctoral College PGR Conference Fund  (2014)
Travel Grant - International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customization (ITMC 2015)
Higher Education Commission, Pakistan  (2015)
Travel Grant - The 90th Textile Institute World Conference (TIWC-2016)
Higher Education Commission, Pakistan  (2016)
Award of Excellence
Pakistan Youth Association  (2002)
  • HEC Approved Ph.D. Supervisor
  • Professional Engineer

Professional Engineer
Pakistan Engineering Council

The Textile Institute, UK

Asian Council of Science Editors

Technology and Innovation Support Center (WIPO)

International Society for Development and Sustainability

Associate Fellow
Advance HE, UK