Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Assistant Professor

  •  Address: NTU Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610, Pakistan
  •  Phone: +92-41-9230081-82 Ext: -
  •  Mobile: 03028386404, 03336385784
  •  Fax: +92-41-9230098
  •  Email: yaseen@ntu.edu.pk / yaseensps@gmail.com
  • No. of Journal Publications: 11
  • No. of Conference Papers: 11


Dr. Muhammad Yaseen is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies. He earned his doctorate in Islamic Studies from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. His areas research is contemporary issues in medical field.  His research in PhD and M.Phil includes: “Change of sex and its validity in Islam” and “Artificial methods of child birth in the light of Islamic Teachings”, respectively.

He participated/presented paper in international conferences as well as produced 11 research papers in journals of national International repute. He got educational trainings from number of renowned institutions of Pakistan and Cambridge University. (Face to face & E-Learning)

Previously, he has served at various positions at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur, Agile (Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences), Bright Future Pakistani International School Doha, Qatar and Al-Khair University College of Education Bahawalpur including teaching, House Master and Assistant House Master.

He also received certificates for commendable Result in Public Examination in Feb. 2019, Nov. 2017, Nov. 2015, Dec.2013, Jan. 2013, Feb. 2012, Dec. 2010, and Nov. 2009 and Chief Minister Cash prize on commendable results in 2012 and 2015.

I have launched a Youtube channel of Islamic Studies ( https://www.youtube.com/c/DrMuhammadYaseenBahawalpur) to assist the students online.

On 13 August 2020, I have organized "1st NTU Stability Pakistan Seminar" on the event of Pakistan Independence Day.

"An International Bilingual Webinar cum Seminar on SEERAT UN NABI" As per the directives of Government of Punjab, with regard to celebrate a week in the honor of our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) on 16th November 2020  in main hall by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as chief organizor.

NTU Quran Society organized a walk on the campus on November 20, 2020 as per the directives of Government of Punjab under my supervision as a convener.

Quran Society, National Textile University Faisalabad, Pakistan arranged an "International Mehfil-e-Naat seminar" on 5 December 2020 under my supervision as convener of Quran Society. regarding Shane-e Mustafa (PBUH)

NTU International Webinar on World’s Human Rights Day 2020 "Recover Better - Stand Up For Human Rights" was held by Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences on 19th December 2020 under my supervision as Chief Organizor

NTU International Qiraat Competition on January 13, 2021 was  Organized by The Quran Society National Textile University  Faisalabad Pakistan under my supervision as Convener of the society and Chief Organizor

 Kashmir Solidarity Day 2021 Webinar was held by School of Arts & Design on 5th February 2021 organized by School of Arts & Design under my supervision as Chief OrganizorNTU

  International seminar cum webinar on Modesty 2021 “اسلام کا تصور حیاء اور عصر حاضر میں ضرورت و اہمیت” on 16 Feb. 2021

NTU National Webinar cum Seminar on Pakistan Resolution Day 2021 ایک قوم ایک منزل " قراداد عہد سے قرار تجدید عہد تک " on 23 March 2021 under my supervision

  Online discussion on Youth policy planning process,  challenges faced by youth and their proposed initiatives by Higher Education Commission Pakistan on 20 March 2021

I delivered a lecture " Medical rectification of transgender in Islam" live on Tasleem ul Islam channel on 3rd Jan. 2021. link 


Articles review

  • تعدّدِ ازواج  کی راہ میں حائل اہم رکاوٹیں اور  قرآن و حدیث کی روشنی میں ان کا حل, Journal Ulum-e-Islami The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Punjab) Pakistan. 2020
  • آیات ترجیع کا اسلوب   :تفسیر تبصیرالرحمٰن وتیسیرالمنان  کا خصوصی مطالعہ, Journal Ulum-e-Islami The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Punjab) Pakistan.2020
  • “A Study of the Interplay between Sharia and Law in Iran’s Criminal Policy” (IRJIS) 2020
  • Effects of Uncertainty on Partnership in Islamic Law: An Analysis from the Perspective of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) 2020

Thesis Reviews

  • سورۃ الحشر کے مضامین کا تحقیقی جائزہ تفسیر ضیاءالقرآن اور تفسیر ماجدی کی روشنی میں  M. Phil Islamic Studies The Islamia University of Bahawalpur 2021
  • تفسیر تفہیم القرآن اور تفسیر بیان القرآن کے منہج و اسلوب کا تقابلی جائزہ M. Phil Islamic Studies The Islamia University of Bahawalpur 2021

  1. Ph.D. in Islamic Studies
    The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan  (2018)
  2. M.Phil. in Islamic Studies
    The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan  (2010)
  3. M.A. in Islamic Studies
    The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan  (1994)

Islam and Modern Issues regarding Medicla field.

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  1. Assistant Professor
    Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur (2010-2019)


    Assistant House Master.

    House Master.

  2. Assistant Professor
    Agile (Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences) (2014-2019 (Part Time))

    Teacghings (Doctors of Physical Therapy)

  3. Lecturer
    Al-Khair University College of Education Bahawalpur (1997-2000)




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