Uzair Hussain

Uzair Hussain

Uzair Hussain

Assistant Professor

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  1. MSc. Textile Engg.
    NTU Faisalabad, Pakistan 
  2. BSc. Textile Engineering
    UET Lahore, Pakistan 

  1. Assistant Professor
    National Textile University, Faisalabad.  (9 Years)



Muhammad Tausif, Faheem Ahmad, Uzair Hussain, Abdul Basit, Tanveer Hussain , "A comparative study of mechanical and comfort properties of bamboo viscose as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cotton fibre in polyester blended knitted fabrics.", Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 89, No. , (2015), pp.


Uzair Hussain, Farhad Bin Younis, Faisal Usman, Tanveer Hussain, Faheem Ahmed, "Comfort and Mechanical Properties of Polyester/Bamboo and Polyester/Cotton Blended Knitted Fabric", Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, Vol. Volume 10, No. Issue 2 2015, (2015), pp.Issue 2 2015



Abdul Moqeet Hai, Hassan Safdar, Uzair Hussain, Muhammad Maqsood, "EFECT OF YARN TPI ON COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE OF FABRICS WOVEN FROM RING SPUN AND ROTOR SPUN YARNS", Autex 2015, Venue: Bucharest, Romania, (2015)


1 Bachelor Control of short fibre at different stage of drafting with different setting.
2 Bachelor Study of different yarn and knit fabric properties made from tri-blend.
3 Bachelor Effect of twist on absorbency of fabric.


4 Bachelor Effect of spinning variables on packing density of 100% cotton yarn.
5 Bachelor Reducing yarn hairiness with modified yarn path in Ring Spinning.


6 Bachelor Effect of different conditioning methods on the properties of 20/1 hosiery yarn single jersy knitted fabric.
7 Bachelor Study of mechanical and compfort properties of polyester/bamboo and polyester/cotton blended yarns and knitted fabrics.
8 Bachelor Comparison of comfort and mechanical properties of polyester/cotton and polyester/bamboo rotor yarn.
9 Bachelor Comaraitive study of quality parameters of woven fabrics produced from sirospun, single and two ply yarns.


10 Bachelor Study of effect of Traveller shape, mass and spinning speed on yarn physical and mechanical properties.
11 Bachelor Effect of break draft, main gauge, delivery speed and grains per yard on finisher draw frame.


12 Bachelor Comparison of conventional and modern yarn conditioning systems.
13 Bachelor Effect of combing on the mechanical properties of yarns made from Pakistani cotton.