Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal

Assistant Professor

  •  Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610, Pakistan
  •  Phone: +92-41-9230081-85 Ext: 190
  •  Mobile: 0300-9655829
  •  Fax: +92-41-9230098
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  • No. of Journal Publications: 1
  • No. of Conference Papers: 0

  1. MS Textile Management
    The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan 
  2. BSc. Textile Engineering
    UET Lahore, Pakistan  (1995)

  1. Assistant Professor
    National Textile University, Faisalabad (31st May 2014 uptil Now)

  2. Lecturer
    National Textile University, Faisalabad (17th February 2005 To 30th May, 2014)

  3. Mills Manager
    ZahidJee Fabrics (One Year)

  4. Technical Manager
    Gulistan Group (Three Years)

  5. Spinnning Manager
    Nishat Mills Ltd. (Two Years)

  6. Assistant Spinning Manager To Spinning Manager
    Kohinoor Industries Ltd. (Four Years)



Dr. Tanveer Hussain and Mohammad Bilal, "Critical characteristics of cotton that affect yarn quality in Ring spinning", Pakistan Textile Journal, Vol. LVII , No. 5, (2008), pp.5


1 Bachelor Energy Conservation in the Spinning Process of a Textile Mill.


2 Bachelor Effect of different spacers on roving evenness and select suitable spacer for 1 hank roving.
3 Bachelor Preparation of 20/1 yarn on open end rotor machine at 3 different twist levels.


4 Bachelor Effect of different break draft on sliver evenness at 3 total draft levels (8,9 & 10)
5 Bachelor Effect of break draft on roving evenness at 3 total draft levels.
6 Bachelor Production of CVC yarn with relatively low twist level for use as weft yarn on air jet weaving machine.
7 Bachelor Effect of variation of card sliver weight per unit length (compensation of draft on finisher drawing) on the cotton yarn parameters.