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Director’s Message

We are responsible for promoting public confidence to give value-added education to secure our student’s future, institute’s good-will, dignity of our teachers and ultimate welfare of our society and humanity at large. We as a pioneer institute of textile education, feel prime responsibility to enhance excellent quality in education to meet the global challenges. Our ultimate goal is to provide conducive environment to the students for effective learning.

In the present scenario our major contribution is to develop our human resources through conducting in-house training sessions, awareness seminars, for the program team members, faculty and senior management on the subject of Quality Assurance preparation of self-assessment reports.

We ensure our compatibility with International Standards to improve the quality of higher education as market leader projecting ourselves as Textile University. For continual improvement we regularly review our academic program by adopting consistency of procedures for self-assessment system. Student course evaluation, teacher’s evaluation, graduating student survey and employee’s survey are the important tools which are used for this purpose. A simple and clear follow-up procedure is in place to review the action taken by each program.

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