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Impact of QEC in the University

A quality culture has developed in the University. Almost all degree Programs offered by teaching departments of the University in Textile Engineering have been accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Furthermore, Teacher & Course Evaluation Analysis Reports help the teachers to improve their teaching skills. Course files were prepared, maintained and improved. Importantly, implementation of strict plagiarism  policy, research work of the scholars, students theses and internship reports are put up for plagiarism test, which help in eradication  the cut-copy-past culture from the University up to a greater extent.

Self-Assessment Process is a major activity of the Quality Assurance initiatives in the University. In this process each degree awarding department/ institute of the University has prepared a comprehensive report (i.e. Self-Assessment Report) for each degree program offered. These reports are then scrutinized by Assessment Team (Program Evaluator) who identifies strengths and weaknesses of the Programs. Assessment Team submits their comments for improvements and remedial of those weaknesses, the departments prepare implementation plans to take corrective actions against those weaknesses and are committed to improve their Programs in future.

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