Textile & Clothing Comfort Testing

Textile & Clothing Comfort Testing

Suitable for:

Men’s, Women’s, Children’s Woven, Nonwoven or Knitted Fabrics, Dress Shirts, T-shirts, Vests, Blouses, Trousers, Denim, Underwear, Outerwear, Sportswear, Workwear, Uniforms, Socks, Stockings, Shalwar Qameez, Jerseys, Sweaters, Pullovers, Summer Wear, Winter Wear, Bedsheets, Towels, Blankets, etc.

Types of Comfort Testing Available at NTU:

  • Tactile or Sensorial Comfort
  • Thermo-physiological Comfort
  • Mechanical Comfort

Comfort Tests Available at NTU: 

  • Breathability (Air permeability, Water vapour permeability, Water vapour resistance (Ret))
  • Moisture Management (Wetting, Absorption, Wicking, Quick-drying, OMMC)
  • Heat Management (Thermal Resistance (Rct)/Clo, Heat Retention)
  • Warm-cool touch/feeling (Qmax)
  • Fabric Hand-feel (Softness, Stiffness/Bending rigidity, Roughness/Smoothness, Compressibility)
  • Stretch & Recovery (Extensibility, Resilience)
  • Anti-static Properties (Surface Resistivity; Vertical Resistivity)

Comfort Testing Instruments Available at NTU: 

Air Permeability Tester; Moisture Management Tester; Drying Rate Tester; Water Vapour Permeability Tester; Thermal Resistance Tester; Sweating Guarded Hot Plate; Kawabata KES-FB1-A Tensile & Shear Tester; Kawabata KES-FB2 Pure Bending Tester; Kawabata KES-FB3-A Compression Tester; Kawabata KES-FB4-A Surface Tester; Kawabata KES-F7 Thermo Labo; SDL Fabric Touch Tester; Phabrometer; Drape Tester; Pneumatic Stiffness Tester; Anti-static Tester.

Customer Benefits 

  • Objective measurement and quantification of the textile and clothing comfort;
  • Product optimization during development;
  • Consumer safety through tests by a neutral institute