Dept. of Textile & Clothing, NTU, KC arranged an industrial visit on June 26

Department of Textile and Clothing, NTU, Karachi Campus arranged an industrial visit on June 26, 2019 to Artistic Milliner, Karachi. It is a vertical denim manufacturing company which was established in 1949 with a strong focus on women empowerment, innovation and sustainability. Faculty members Ms. Zarqa Shahzadi (Lecturer) and Mr. Nafees (Lab Engineer) along with the students of 4th semester of Department of Textile and Clothing visited Artistic Milliner.  Senior management and technical staff members of Artistic Milliner warmly welcomed the visiting group members of NTU Karachi Campus. After a brief introduction of Artistic Milliner, students visited all the departments of Mill and learned various processes involved in denim manufacturing.