Workshop on Validation of Qualification for “Plastic Processor”

A one day workshop to validate the curriculum developed for Plastic Processor was held on 30 August, 2019. It is a competency based program designed to provide a standardized qualification for production staff of plastics processing facilities. The workshop was attended by Engr. Arshad Faruqui, Assoc. Professor and Director ORIC at Karachi Campus.

The document once approved will be included as a part of national curriculum for vocational training by NAVTTC (National Vocational Technical Commission). The working group included representatives from industry, regulatory authorities and academia. It is with great pride that faculty of National Textile University, Karachi Campus exhaustively worked to develop the document which will be first of its kind in the country.

The commitment of University to provide quality human resource to industry is evident from the fact the NTU-KC faculty is also involved in preparing other competencies namely Garment Manufacturing, Textile Wet Processing and Precision Instrumentation disciplines. The contribution of the University has been appreciated by relevant sectors.