Guidelines for Authors

Please submit your abstract of research paper at

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Title of Paper to be submitted

Title of the text should be in ‘Capital Bold Letters’ with a font size of 14 point, with a maximum length of two lines.


The name of the authors should be written in bold letters, with a font size of 12 point and the name of the presenting author should be underlined.

Institution names (Affiliations) should be in italic letters with a font size of 10 point.

Please add the e-mail addresses of the presenting and corresponding authors in brackets.


The abstract of maximum 200 wordsshould include the research aim or problem, a short description of the research background and methodology, and the key results or conclusions. Avoid direct reference to the text and all the text must be written in English.

For abstract and entire text use font type as Arial with size of 12 point and single line spacing.

There should be a top margin of 2.5 cm and a bottom, left and right margin of 2 cm.

Leave 2 blank lines before the body text. The body text should be written in font type Arial with size of 12 point. It is the author’s responsibility to submit correct text (spelling, grammar, scientific facts, accuracy and layouts).

The abstracts and the text are evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the Conference Chair. A few number of abstracts have been selected for oral or poster presentations in the context of the sessions.

Note: All parts of the manuscript should be typewritten, single line spacing, Arial 12point, number manuscript pages consecutively throughout the paper. The entire original manuscripts should not exceed 8 pages in length.

Keywords: (up to 6 keywords)







Prepare reference list in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Cite in the text by author and date, e.g., (Smith 1983).



Riva, A., I. Algaba, and R. Prieto. 2003. Dyeing kinetics of wool fabrics pretreated with a protease. Coloration Technology, 118: 59-63.


Smith, M. 1980. Wool Textiles. New York: W. W. Norton.

Contribution to a Book:

Sakai, T., T. Sakamoto, J. Hallaert, and E.J. Vandamme. 1993. Pectin, pectinase, and protopectinase: Production, properties, and applications. In Advances in Applied Microbiology, ed. S. Neidleman and A.I. Laskin, 213-294. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.