i Textiles joins DICE Textile as a Sponsor

i Textiles has joined 2nd All Pakistan DICE Textile Innovation Event as a Sponsor in Platinum Category.

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that helps businesses create, manage, and fulfill demand for a wide range of textiles and fibers.

Starting off as a trading concern in 2006, the company has rapidly transformed to become a pivotal value chain manager in the region, representing some of the biggest international companies including INVISTA™, Kaneka, LUREX®, Alexium International, The Dow Chemicals  ,  DSM and  more.

Today, iTextiles® is fully capable and committed to create increasing value for partners in all aspects of the supply chain, working alongside both manufacturing business and retail partners to provide integrated solutions in market generation, sourcing, branding, and sales.

We help our partners by leveraging our expertise throughout the value chain, optimizing returns in every aspect of the fiber business model, from raw materials to the end consumer.

Working with and for some of the most innovative brands in the international market, iTextiles has distilled its experience into a comprehensive service model that helps business partners in four ways:

  • Developing innovative concepts that create additional value via increased demand.
  • Integral support through every aspect of the value chain across sourcing, manufacturing, and retailing.
  • Create products the help fulfill gaps in the market and optimize the bottom line.
  • Promotion of products through technical and tactical marketing services.