Funding / Grants

Title of Project Amount (million Rs.) Funding source(s)
Evaluation and modelling the residual stress in thermoset composite to control interlaminar failure 2.0 HEC (UIP)
Light weight bullet proof vest made from 3D comingled woven thermoplastic composite and novel auxetic woven fabrics 14.0 HEC (TDF)
Novel 3d woven auxetic pleated fabric based composites for impact/shock absorption 5.6 HEC
Development, characterization and modeling of low cost sustainable hybrid composite parts with antimicrobial activity 14.4 HEC (NRPU)
Development of Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient, Indigenous Sizing Machine 2.2 Pakistan Science Foundation
Development of electro-textile nonintrusive cardiorespiratory sensor and heating fabrics for in-car applications 0.5 HEC
Development of an indigenous machine for weaving of high performance fibres 1.0 NTU
Carbon nano-composite based hockey sticks 0.5 A K Composites
Development of handloom for carpets manufacturing 0.6 Carpets Manufacturing Association
Experimental Investigation and modelling of Mechanical Behavior of Natural Fibers Composite Materials fabricated using local raw materials 0.5 HEC (SRG)