Madeha JabbarComposite material solutions for armouring2019
Muhammad UmairDevelopment of novel 3D woven reinforcements for high performance applications2018
Khubab ShakerStudy of Particle Loaded Composite Fabrication Using Liquid Composite Moulding Technique2018

MS students

Muhammad KhuramDevelopment of Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Composite2020
Jehanzeb AkramDevelopment and characterization of auxetic geometry based woven preforms and corresponding composites2019
Raja Muhammad Waseem Ullah KhanDevelopment and Modelling of Novel 3D Multilayer Auxetic Fabrics for Armoring2019
Zaheer AbbasEffect Of Glass Micro Spheres And Fabric Structure On Mechanical Properties Of Composites2019
Muhammad Nauman HameedEffect of structural parameters on the puncture resistance of woven fabrics2019
Muhammad RazaInvestigation of Shape Distortion in Cylindrical Composite Parts2019
Mumtaz AliDevelopment and Characterization of 2DWoven Auxetic Fabric for Advance Applications2017
Adeela NasreenDevelopment of Thermoplastic Composites for Ballistic Protection2017
Muhammad ZeshanDevelopment and Characterization of Hybrid Composites2017
Usman AhmedComparison of Mechanical Properties of Bi-Axial and Normal Woven Fabric Reinforced Composites2017
Muhammad Umar NazirDevelopment of Explosion Resistant Auxetic Woven Fabrics2017
Muslim RehmanDevelopment of Jute Reinforced Hybrid Composite with Improved Mechanical Properties2017
Haritham KhanBallistic performance of 2D and 3D woven hybrid composites2016
Junaid SaleemEffect of stitching on delamination properties of composites2016
Muhammad KashifOptimization of weaving pattern of 3D woven structures for improved mechanical performance2016
Rehan AsgharProcess induced deformation in thermosetting composites2016
Muzammal HussainDevelopment and Characterization of Auxetic Composite Structures2016
Habib AwaisAgeing of natural fibers reinforced composites (Temperature, water/moisture)2016
Danish MahmoodDevelopment of machine for 3D weaving of high-performance fibers2015
Waqas AshrafTo Investigate the Mechanical Behavior of Woven/ Knitted Hybrid Composites2015
Sadaf Mehmood3D woven comingled thermoplastic composites2015
Khubab ShakerDevelopment of natural fiber composite with improved strength and antimicrobial activity2014
Muhammad UmairDevelopment and characterization of shaped woven multilayer structures and their corresponding composites2014
Madeha JabbarNumerical analysis of self-healing composite materials2014
Azam AliReduction in moisture regain of natural fibre composites and studying their ageing properties2014