Cs Scholar Society

Computer Science Scholar Society is a newly formed academic Society of National Textile University, based on the interest of Post Graduate Students of computer science. The purpose of the society is to identify special issues in the field of Computer Science, collaborate with national and International Societies to find out their solutions.

Aims and Objectives
• To train the post graduate students through training workshops and seminars.
• To invite the speakers from all over Pakistan, so they can guide the students in their respective fields.
• To provide the chance to collaborate with international computing and scientific societies.
• Through this platform student will be able to participate in the completions being held other institutions.
• To guide students for research, teaching and further graduate studies in computer science.
• To Organize Extra Curricular activities and events for the Students in order to foster their intellectual, literary and artistic potentials
• Conducting technical events to boost up the skills of the students.
• To develop CS Scholar Society as a comprehensive, research-led society with a focus on technology, quality education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President convener
Abdul Qadeer Bilal
Contact no: 0332-1785027
Email: aqilal95@gmail.com
Amjad Ali Naz
Contact no: 0321-6524775
Email: nazali4all@hotmail.com
Dr. Rehan Ashraf
Contact no: 0300-9560963
Email: rehan_ashraf94@yahoo.com