(Life Savior) (Sharing and saving LIFE)

NTU blood donation society encouraged the youth to voluntarily donates blood to needed community. They work upon “Give Blood and Save Life” theme. Today in the developing world there is much need to link the youth for such kind of collaboration so that various campaign and activities arranged by this society at each semester.

The society also has collaboration with other similar groups and arranges campaigns like No Tobacco, abuse for Drugs, thalassemia and its treatment etc. This society also played very active role in raising the awareness about many acute and chronic diseases and set the trend “prevention is better than cure”.

A large number of NTU faculty members and students take active part and donated the blood at the campus.


The main objective of this society is to serve humanity with a team work. we are also caring about the health of people and we want a healthy society in university or outside of university.

Basic aim is to save the people by awareness about health and benefits of blood donation at the time of need.

Introduction Blood the fluid of life is RED regardless of the race or belief or color. The ready availability of Blood of all kinds during emergency can save lives. Our experience shows that there is enough number of volunteers who are willing to donate blood during camps or on call. This project aims at linking the volunteers to blood banks through camps on call basis or both

  1. To ensure the ready availability of the required group of blood, 24 hours in a day. 365 days in a year.
  2. To Organize Community based blood donation cams at University and among the unorganized sector of People to propagate the Messages about Blood donation and to remove the myths and misconceptions about blood donation.
  3. To create and update a directory of Voluntary Donors so that the required blood is available on request.
  4. Capacity building of Primary Health Centre System, NGO system and other community based Organizations to organize Blood Donation camps.
  5. To generate awareness on Blood Donation and its significance in saving lives during emergencies particularly during Obstetric emergencies and accidents.
  6. To provide practical support and to help and encourage patients to take more responsibility for their own health.

To promote the benefit of the patients of the Health Centre – without distinction of gender, race, color or political, religious or other opinions or characteristics of individuals – by encouraging development and quality of health promotion and health care services.


  • Eligibility to join: Open to all students of the University.
  • To join the society: Please contact the Society Office Bearers

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President convener
Muhammad Khuzama
Contact no: 0310-4389799
Saqlain Mushtaq
Contact no:
Khurram Shehzad
Contact no: 0300-4472441