Art and Culture Society


Life at NTU is not all about academics and study alone. We know that students need a respite from their tough study schedules. This is necessary to re-invigorate their energies and for overall holistic development of the participants. The Office of Student Affairs manages a wide range of clubs and societies catering for both co-/extracurricular activities. All that students have to do is choose an area of interest.

  • It works for interested in creating art, writing about art, or simply talking about art with like-minded individuals, the right place to show life drawings with glitters and colors.
  • It works for those who wish to follow the Pakistani traditions, promote regional cultures, and mores.
  • It promotes the theater skills and brings opportunities for those who perform on stage. This society arranges many dramas and plays originally written, directed and produced by the participants of NTU.

Aims and objectives:

  • To provide Entertaining extra-curricular activities for students.
  • To train the new students regarding Arts and Culture, explore the hidden talent of institute.
  • Provide various opportunities to new students to groom and polish themselves to meet the need of their respective department where they have to start their professional career in arts and culture field.


  • Eligibility to join: Open to all students of the University.
  • To join the society: Please contact the Society Office Bearers.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Sultan Khalid Butt

Contact no: 0343-5900906


Mirza Ahmad Ali Baig Mr. Saqib Rao

Assistant Professor

Department of Textile Design

Contact no: 03334169686