Students Wellness and Recreational Center


NTU has a healthy tradition of sports that nurture the physical and recreational environment of the campus. The office of sports formulates the wellness and recreation among students through the large verity of games, tournaments that played both inside and outside of the lush green campus of NTU. The office of sports strives to motivate the campus community to come together and release its sporting potential to play the games and tournaments.

The directorate of sports chase for capacity building in both male and female players. It keeps in view to subsequent the vigorous tradition of excellence in the field of sports and always plays for the glory of sports.

Some of the notable highlights are:

 Sports do not build character; they reveal it (John Wooden)

  • Nearly 30 indoor and outdoor games are on hand to play on campus
  • Our students actively participate in more than 16 rigorous sports which include badminton, basketball, boxing, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby, handball, squash, table tennis, tennis, softball, snooker, weight lifting, and volleyball. Many of these sports have their own professional coaches who help train teams for higher levels of competition.
  • A gym is equipped with all machines and tools for fitness, physical experts instruct for the healthy physical and mental exercises.