NTU Financial Aid Office

Introduction of Financial Aid Office

Since NTU’s inception, it has produced many talented students who are currently serving in Textile and other renowned industries within and outside Pakistan. As a part of alumni they felt their responsibility towards the NTU and have provided adequate funding in past. NTU itself has disbursed approx. Rs. 103 million in terms of scholarship / financial assistance to students since 2003. With the passage of time the funding from donor agencies got increased and made the management of these funds grim due to non-availability of proper Financial Aid Office. Meanwhile HEC was also focused on establishing of such offices in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for management of scholarship / financial assistance matter. In pursuance of HEC’s instruction, NTU decided to establish a dedicated office for the purpose of managing the scholarship and matters related to financial assistance to students.
Financial Aid Office has been established to facilitate those bright and deserving students who face hardship to pursue their higher studies due to financial constraint. The idea of establishing financial aid office is to provide maximum financial assistance / support (based on availability of resources) to bright and deserving students without compromising quality of education.


  • Financial Aid Office
  • Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC)
  • Advisor Students
  • Assistant Director (Financial Aid)
  • Assistant


Financial aid office performs different functions (but not limited to) which are appended below:

  • Management of existing scholarships / financial assistance.
  • Creating new opportunities of scholarships / financial assistance for students.
  • Develop linkages & collaborations with industries.
  • Receiving the scholarship / financial assistance applications from students.
  • Shortlisting student applications on the basis of approved criteria and availability of resources.
  • Perform scrutiny of applications / documents.
  • Prepare the cases of deserving and qualifying students for presenting it to the Institutional Scholarship Award   Committee.
  • Disbursement of fund to deserving and qualifying students.
  • Maintain database of scholarships / financial assistance awarded to students.