Student Activity Centre

Extra Curricular Activities are the integral part of the Adviser Students Office. The university provides the platform for the student’s overall development. All the university societies’ functions are held under the guidance of Adviser office. Therefore, office acts as a core facilitating and governing body for all societies of NTU. The university welcomes the contribution made to student life by societies. Here student served round their intellectual, cultural, technical, artistic, disseminating and developmental skills. NTU societies offer students the chance to develop interests, network and meet like-minded people.

Students play such an important role in the advancement of educational institutions through their participation in the curricular and extra-curricular activities. The NTU students recognize their potentials at best and brought many laurels to the campus life in the history by taking part in different events. The number of technical and extracurricular societies has offered to students to escalate skills at all levels.

For any comment and suggestion or if you think that there is a gap to be filled please contact to: Convener of Societies

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NTU Extracurricular Societies