Textile Design Society


Textile society is belongs from the department of Textile design. The basic purpose of the society is promote those activities that is directly related to the design or somehow art as well. In this society we try to promote the work of our students at national level in different shows and in exhibitions. We try to involve our students in different field relevant competitions in all over Pakistan to get more exposure. We give them a platform to perform in different field relevant activities and we give them that confidence to show case their talent on higher level.


  • We want to give exposure about new technologies to our students regarding design.
  • We want our students to meet with famous designer to get field relevant exposure.
  • We want to introduce a new sense of textile design in our students that how modern designers work.
  • We want designers to come in NTU for the live talks about new innovation in textile design.
  • We want to invite the students of different design institute of Pakistan to compete and to show their work on higher level.


  • We want to bring more field relevant competitions for our students.
  • We want our student to compete with other design institutes of Pakistan.
  • Field relevant workshops to enhance the capabilities of our Students.
  • To display the artworks of our students on national level.
  • Industrial tours of our students to see how they work in industries and brands.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Zoha Azher Rida Tariq Amna Amjad

Contact no: +92 301 6025300

Email: amna@ntu.edu.pk

FACEBOOK PAGE LINK: https://www.facebook.com/TextileDesignSociety/