Student Disciplinary Measures


NTU is dedicated to the best possible personal and academic excellence student experience on campus. By choosing this end, the University cultivates a community that holds the behavioral standard of civilization, that it might as (1) promote the campus environment that support the educational and its liaison activities, (2) foster ethical manners and civic virtues, (3) culture of respect for diversity and equality, (4) transparency etc. therefore, National Textile University adopts this Student Code of Conduct.  Hence Students of NTU, delegated to adopt and comply the Student Code of Conduct in a way to achieve the developed purpose.

The purpose of this Student Code of Conduct to ensure that being a student of NTU you are well aware about your responsibilities and actions. It applies to all national and foreign students, across both virtual and physical environment within campus. It is mandatory as enrolling the student of NTU to abide by the prescribed Code of Conduct.