(Inspiring and Nurturing Girls)

WINGS Society is dedicated towards inspiration, networking, and opportunities for NTU girls. WINGS work for the support and target the female students to nourish their individuality. Exploring the hidden talents and raising the confidence are the core concerning areas of WINGS.

WINGS society is the representative platform for NTU girls. Among the topics various seminars, workshops, women awareness programs conducted to stream the issues.

Living in a society where every day brings a new challenge, requires a need of strong motivation. Motivation that society thinks is only necessary for men but why does a man need motivation when he is the dominant one? He is the one who is making the rules and commanding others to follow. In a society like this, the women are suppressed constantly, and that must be put to an end. A very strong verse from the Holy book says: “Verily, Allah does not change the state of people until they bring about a change in themselves.” [Q.13:11] If women of a society do not stand up and fight for their rights, then neither should they wait for a hero to come up and fight for them. By now all women/girls must keep this in their mind that they are their own hero, and they can only defend themselves as compared to anyone else. Women must stand by each other to show their power, unity and support for each other. The basic aim of this society is to promote gender equality and empower women of NTU without giving a gesture of extremism and feminism. All women are special whether she is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, or class
mate, they all are the same and all deserve the same care and the same respect.

Objectives of the society

Empowerment and autonomy of women and improvement of their social, educational, economic and health status.

Elimination of any kind of gender inequality, and promoting equality in work place campus area.

Building self-confidence in women.

Creating a sense of self-worth, and making women realize that they have the power to make their own choices.

Making women strong enough to influence other women to do so.

Encouraging women to be their own boss and promoting female entrepreneurship.


  • Eligibility to join: Open to all female students of the University.
  • To join the society: Please contact the Society Office Bearers

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Mahnoor Naveed Komal Fatima Dr. Isma Hamid
Contact no: 03058699696


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