Society of Garment Manufacturers

Introduction of Department

The department of garments manufacturing was setup with a vision to enkindle some of the brightest technical minds of the country and equip them with all skills necessary to manage the clothing industry.

The department envisions to produce successful graduates who will be capable of leading the fast faced paced changing scenarios of today’s apparel industry through intellect, innovation and values. Research and educational activities are conducted by proficient, devoted and well-qualified faculty and staff members having ample experience in various fields of garment manufacturing. An active interaction with industry is the main feature of our teaching philosophy, industrial visits, internships, symposiums and participation in workshops and industrial exhibition are frequently carried out for students learning.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Vision Statement:

The vision of the society is to provide visionary leadership, cultivating an atmosphere of harmony among the students as well as different department and promoting professional attitude among its members.

  1. Mission Statement:

Society of garment manufacturer promotes talents of the students by enhancing the effective functioning of the individual. It facilitates other societies as well as building good relation with industries so that may advance too. The society is transparent and one for others to view and learn through participating in it.

  1. Quality Statement:

Society of Garment Manufacturer is committed to build trust worthy environment within society as well as in the university. Everyone has freedom to speak and give his words in the affairs of society. Society works for the well fortune of the students. There is no failure or, we are here to learn professional attitude by managing seminars and industrial tours.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President (Female) Vice President (Male)
Sharjeel Hashmi Kamboh

Contact no: 0306-6779714

Laiba Najam

Contact no: 0307-9702770

Mohammad Rizwan

Contact no: 0303-0373160