SE Society


It is a newly formed society based on the interest of student body in computer science and particularly in deployment, this is about what software engineering society is. The main goal of this society is to provide entertainment, exploration, to have savoir-faire, nurture their enterprising skills, opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and to interact with other students who have a common shared interest in the field of modern computer sciences.

AIMS and objectives

Through this society, we wish to provide podium for students and they can apply their ideas into practical work. We aim to;

  • Encourage students to cultivate their interest in computer science in an informal environment, without the pressure of being graded, reinforce the relevance of computer science to student’s everyday lives.
  • Introduce students to the possibility of future study or employment in computer science by devising seminars and spreading awareness.
  • Offer students the opportunity to serve their community, expand students’ leadership skills by conducting demonstrations, lab activities, or community outreach events.
  • Conduct healthy competitions between students regarding computer science skills and techniques.
  • To develop SE Society as a comprehensive, research-led society with a focus on technology, quality education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.
  • Develop useful applications via competition based working to contribute to the society.
  • Conducting technical and non-technical events to boost up the skills of the students.
  • Conducting meet-ups with technical people based in industry to let students be aware of the market trends.

Conduct Industrial tours to the modern computer science and software world based in other metro cities of Pakistan to give students a knowledge of the current requirements of the industry and market.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Hasan Sarwar



Rana Awais


Dr. Nadeem Faisal

+92 321 8660812