SE Society


Based on the interests of student body in department of Computer Science, this is about what the Software Engineering Society is. The main goal of this society is to provide exploration, opportunity for knowledge, things going go in the era, entertainment, to have savoir-faire, nurture their enterprising skills and to interact with students and members, having same interests in the field.

AIMS and objectives:

Through this society, we wish to provide podium for students and they can apply their ideas and knowledge into practical work. We aim to encourage students to cultivate their interest in computer science in an informal environment, and also formal environment wherever necessary. Without the pressure of being graded, reinforce the relevance of Computer Science to student’s everyday lives, introduce students to the possibility of future study , keeping up knowledge pace of the current technology or employment in computer science by devising seminars and spreading awareness, offer students the opportunity to serve the community ,expand students leaderships , communication ,technical and interaction skills by conducting different type of demonstrations , lab activities, or community outreach events.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President General Secretary
Wasi Ur Rehman Qamar

Contact No: 0321-4530085

Usama Haider

Contact No: 0337-4007105

Ahmad Hassan

Contact No: 0323-5025632