NTU Entrepreneurship Society

Providing a platform for young entrepreneurs to meet virtually, share ideas and learn from others about what it takes to build their own business.


Entrepreneurship society is a society which cultivates and equips the students for future. It is aimed at benefiting and developing aspiring businessmen and women as it acts as a platform for applying and exercising academic learnt skills. It is our goal to educate students in many aspects of entrepreneurship.


The society aims to provide guidance to aspiring young business leaders to pursue their business ownership dream at undergraduate and post graduate levels.


  • To train students to have the appropriate business insights and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To cultivate the entrepreneurial skills and values among students, in order to develop knowledgeable and enterprising graduates.
  • To nurture the development of quality entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in local and global business industries.


Sr no  


1 Lessons from an entrepreneur on how to design, launch and run a business. November 3RD weak, 2017
2 Seminar: why to prefer entrepreneurship rather than a job. (motivational entrepreneurial speech) November 4th weak, 2017
3 Launching a campaign for entrepreneurs for providing a plate form to increase comfortability to get their dreams an opportunity to start their own work. December 1st Weak, 2017


January 1ST WEAK, 2018

4 Series of seminars Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR). January 2ND WEAK, 2018


January 4TH WEAK, 2018

5 Workshops on how to design launch and run your own business. February 1ST WEAK, 2018


February 4TH WEAK, 2018

   6 Grand event: Entrepreneurship Gala projects display final year students April 3RD WEAK, 2018


April 4TH WEAK, 2018

   7 Offering intern-ships to students in their own interest to make them groomed in their future entrepreneurship plans. May 1ST WEAK, 2018

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President General Secretary
Hasan Tariq Abbas

Contact No: 0304-9820929

Anwar Jabbar

Contact No: 0349-7612549

Muhammad Ahmad

Contact No: 0305-6359123